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SpitSickBeats F.A.Q.


Question 1: Who and what is SpitSickBeats? 

Answer: Spitsickbeats “SSB” is a full service urban music production company, ran by Joseph “Changer” James in Hamilton/Canada.

Various services are offered, and range from Urban music production, mixing, mastering, and marketing, the goal is to bring unison; Providing quality, and consistent variety through our unique Boom Bap 90’s sound.


Question 2: Who have you produced? 

Answer:  RBX (former Death Row artist) Apathy (Demigodz), Saukrates, Ren Thomas – New Jersey, The Bailiff Sings, Shylah, Lo-Key, The P.O.E., ChangerMusic, Lucky E, B-Flix, Vettori,  and more. Visit our discography page, HERE.


Question 3: What is a beat lease?

Answer: A beat lease is a legal copyright license giving the licensee (you the purchaser/leaser) permission to use the legally copyright protected beat.

It does not mean unlimited or exclusive unless the contract included and pre-arranged email states that the beat lease is “exclusively” to one buyer.

All beats on this site are non-exclusive. A non-exclusive beat gives a licensee purchaser the right to perform live, make video, sell, stream up until they have made the price of the beat lease back and then they pay the producer a % of their lyric royalties quarterly after recouping the beat lease price. If you want an exclusive right, then please send us an email to make arrangements and then the beat you choose will be removed from this site, after payment is received.


Question 4: What are your beat lease terms?

Answer: Standard beat lease terms include 8 sections: A.) Producer Credit. “Prod. By SPITSICKBEATS” (B.) Mech’/Perf’ Royalty percentage after recoupment of the beat purchase price. (C.) 50/50 Master Ownership (D.) Territory – Global. (E.) Unlimited use when 7%  mech’/perf’ royalty is paid after recoupment of costs are met. (F.) Disputes – Ontario Law (G.) General Permission. (H.) Sync licensing


Question 5: Why do you not sell stems and exclusives?

Answer: SSB sells exclusives with mixing and mastering services included in the convenient one price for professional audio engineering, which means there is no need to send an artist the stem files. Our goal is to reduce the 2 audio engineering tasks for mixing and mastering so artist can use that time and money for the numerous other endeavors they can be handling instead. Our goal is to maintain one unison sound that is uniquely and only at SPITSICKBEATS. JDilla did it this way, as well as other producers in the industry.


Question 6: Why are the beats mixed and mastered?

Answer: Our clients receive a .zip file with a non-mastered beat version for basic leases, as well as for unlimited requested licenses. These zip files fully have the following items included. 1 MP3 with metadata that is mastered, and 1 MP3 unmastered, as well as a .wav 24Bit File, preview extra beat samples, one basic license contract and our logo jpeg.


Question 7: What if my audio engineer insists on stem files & what are my choices?

Answer: We mix and master for you when you purchase an exclusive beat from SSB. You get the beat file to record on your own to. Then you email us the .wav vocal files and we mix and master it to send you for approval. We gurantee satisfaction, with our 18 plus years of audio engineering experience.

Question 8: How does half price mixing and mastering work?

Answer: This is part of our “Exclusive” price package. $699.00 CAD. This is thee best and highly recommended way to go. This option keeps consistency within the beat mix, to your vocal treatment, adjustments to make the beat and vocals layered and blended professionally as one. You record your vocals with no distortion, email them to us via weTransfer.com after you Shoot us an email to arrange an eTransfer. The turn around time is usually 1-2 weeks with 2 drafts and communication back and fourth regarding the mix and mastering; But if certain clients keep requesting changes, then it may take slightly longer, and add an additional $100 fee, yet ut usually doesn’t take long with our years of experience. You get one version emailed for approval and one redo if requested. Note: If clients do not email us self approved, self recorded vocal takes within 90 days after purchase, an additional $100 USD will be owed for administrative procedures to extend late acceptance of clients files.


Question 9: What is a P.R.O. and why do I need one?

Answer: P.R.O. stands for “Performing Rights Organization”. It’s for serious songwriters who either collect their own royalties via their own publishing company, or have a publishing deal. Join one now, it’s free and easy to set up online. We insist on being registered as a collaborative copyright owner to receive our future 5% songwriter share and as a musical composer. We are with SOCAN and most Americans register with ASCAP or BMI.


Question 10: How should we communicate?

Answer: Email is best, and if you request in the email we can arrange a phone call or skype if you ask for it via email. Thank you. This is for privacy and online issues, sorry.


Question 11: Where are you located?

Answer: Hamilton, ON, Canada (45 Minutes West of Toronto)


Question 12: Do you record artists?

Answer: If you are in the Toronto/Hamilton/Niagara area and have a budget, feel free to shoot us an email to arrange half payment in advance to book a date. We love recording artists and collaborating in person is a fluid and gratifying experience.


Question 13: What about refunds?

Answer: Satisfaction IS GUARANTEED. Refunds are not needed. We need to pay website fees, studio equipment, feed the family, etc. We can’t offer extremely affordable prices if we keep giving back the small fee our artists pay per beat lease/track. What’s good for us, is good for you. We guarantee the delivery of our unique, high quality beat files, thus no refund is required. Any issues you have can easily be remedied via email ASAP usually. Charge backs cost fees and admin’ time so if a client creates one, the contract becomes void on their end and full reimbursement plus $100 USD will be owed to S.S.B. to settle the issue.


Question 14: How often are new beats posted here.

Answer: Every Wednesday and Sunday. We post on YouTube and here in our store. We try our best to upload new tracks regularly and have many beats that are not on the site, so please feel free to send us an email to get first dibs on the beats that are often not online yet; Especially if you are serious about avoiding others leasing the same beat you want exclusively.