S.S.B. (@spitsickbeats) evolved from owner/producer/engineer, Joseph “JJ” James (pictured below) 17 years of multi media expertise. As a song writer and student of electronic music equipment in the 90’s (and even now), JJ studied countless manuals and techniques on Roland, Yamaha and Korg equipment. When the 2000’s ushered in computer workstations and then registering as Changer Productions in 2008, JJ seen not only technology and the price model change for what artists were paying vs the expense of equipment dropping, he also realized their was a need to create “SPITSICKBEATS” in 2018. The current list of software and equipment ranges from Axiom, Propellarhead, Akai’s MPCX, Komplete suites and Roli Seaboard, plus live drums and countless musician session takes.

Helping new rappers and indie artists with a small budget is the mission statement. Leased beats are affordable and full of quality and contractual options, compared to Changer Productions full service media components. S.S.B. is focused on taking musical requests as to what artists are seeking, and also what budgets and package deals they require. Artists keep their songwriter royalties, and SSB keeps the composition copyrights. 5-7% songwriting credit royalties go to SpitSickBeats and the artist keeps the other portion of the songwriting credit. SSB splits the master ownership 50/50 with the artist.

Trust that SpitSickBeats has more then enough creative and technical know how to inspire and deliver, based on the 15 indie albums JJ has produced/engineered for RBX, Kool Keith, Canibus, A.F.R.O., TBS, Apathy, Ren Thomas, Saukrates and many more. Daily creation of weird, bugged out Rap/Hip-Hop beats is what SpitSickBeats is about. Originality and variety is key. Advancing every artist’s lyrical creativity is our aim. When artists succeed, we all succeed together.

The best platform to hear the daily posting of beats is on Instagram – @spitsickbeats. To see the discography and award nominations for JJ’s other endeavors, click HERE.